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Thursday, August 09, 2007
It's good to be me! For no particular reason i just feel happy! I'm not where i want to be, i still have some major roadblocks but i'm so freaking happy i think i might have sniffed the happy gas or something!!

I got stood up today. Well not really...he had asked for us to go see a movie and i said i'll let him know and i did...5hrs in advance. Wh y then did i call and text and received no reply. I can just put $10 on it that i will hear a sob story of how he got into some issue or another. I can just see the lies falling out of his mouth. It has happened several times but now it's not going to have the same effect as it did on me before. I'M FREE!!!


My love for Eba is very intense..i'm pretty sure we dated in my past life. I can sooo eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Which i've almost done..almost because i sometimes only have 2 meals in a day and that is what i eat.

Also i have undying love for Dodo. I love me some Jollof rice too and you can sell me with bread& beans or beans and garri!!!
I guess that means i like food?
Yes, i do. Living in the western world has exposed me to several kinds of food and i do have my favorites too.
Lasagna does it for me anyday!!!
Well cooked baby back ribs dripping in honey barbeque sauce? To die for!!
Chinese rice from Express Wok? Delicioso!
I do have several other but i'll spare you from the rest. (Pls do not salivate on your keyboard)

So i carried myself to the movies today to see Bourne Ultimatum. It was the bomb diggity!! Nice movie. I will soo get the trilogy when this last one gets out on DVD. Matt Damon as Jason Bourne exudes sexiness. When he was shown kissing his girlfriend, i could almost imagine it was me. Yes unhealthy but i can't help it. I felt his pain from every accident scene. Freaking awesome!
I went there by myself which leads to the question. I can understand the need for friends to chat with, crack jokes, share thoughts and problems but is it really necessary to have a clique? You know how it's said that females should have different kinds of friends?
The type to party hop with...
The type to gossip with...
The type to share your relationship problems with...
The type to moan/ ask for advice about your career to...
The type to go shopping with...
The type to....and the list goes on.

I find that terribly exhausting. I've alwas been a loner. I'm a social person, in that i blend into most social settings i find myself but frankly most times i prefer to fly solo. I seriously don't like to go shopping with anyone! And the others things that people need support for i find myself doing independently. I tend to gravitate towards the guys in the little groups that i sometimes find myself in. It's not even about the supposed catty/petty feminine traits. I just blend in with the guys more. When i tell people i'm anti-social they think i'm some degree i'm not but seriously i get bored easily with too many people around. I'm an home body and would prefer to be in the house with my honey (whoever he is )enjoying the peace. Or if Mr. doesn't exist, then it'll be me overdosing on episodes of Law and Order. Stabler and Benson have solved enough cases to last me a lifetime, lol!!!

What i have noticed however is that because of my flow with the guys, the ones i get along with reallly well always end up hinting at a relationship. And that is likewise exhausting. I can't possibly date everyone that thinks i'm the bestthing that's ever happened to them! They think just because i'm a wonderful conversationalist (so they say) i would want something to do with them And to be fair most of them are eligible but the stress is too much . So after multiple hints and i still don't budge they let it be and just enjoy my friendship.

Meanwhile sleep is calling me and i still have to read some pages of the Marrying the Mistress. I've been soooo lazy with reading nowadays, i'm ashamed of myself!!!
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