Tuesday, May 11, 2010
I can't quite explain why I've been listening to a lot of love songs lately. Although if I'm to be completely honest, it could be because recently feelings of loneliness have started to creep in. I long for the days when I had someone to call my own? But then again when I think about my experiences, I quickly let the thought disappear. God dey!

This song is one of my favorites songs ever and it will definitely be on my list of wedding songs, next to Keith Urban's "I Wanna Be Your Everything". *sigh* I love, love.


This summer is gonna be quite interesting. I have a 5-week internship coming up and I'm so excited about it! I don't know yet what facility I'll be posted to but i'm oh so looking forward to it.

Is it just me or does Twitter just makes groupies dreams come through with their artist crushes? I see some people start acting fresh with artists on their time line like they've been cool since '91. lol. My people, all na film trick oh. This people will not remember who "@hotsexsuga" is when they meet you in the outside world. So don't go and vex when they don't greet you. Now there are some exceptional cases where the 'relationship' extends to the outside world, but still it makes me wonder if there's any genuineness to it. Because truth be told, some people's main goal is to get the artist to like them and they achieve this by bombarding his/her timeline, DM etc.

It's Tuesday and I'm counting down to graduating on Saturday!!

Off to get some work done. BRB
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Ruth, Aboko Ku
Monday, April 19, 2010
So for my naija people, some of you might know Zara the artist. She just came out with a new track called Aboko Ku. The literal translation for this is "one who dies with her husband". The inspiration for her song comes from the phrase Yoruba people say: "Ruth, Aboko Ku". Ruth was known to be a woman of devoted love in the bible and this is where they coined the phrase from. Generally speaking it is a positive term for a woman who is known to be devoted to her husband/boyfriend. However, on the flip side, it is used as a negative term for a woman who will not leave her husband/boyfriend even though he's treating her wrong. Now I understand "treating her wrong" is a relative term, since we all have a threshold for mistreatment.

This brings me to my question on this issue. Which kind of "aboko ku" will you be in your relationship?

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I've Become One of Them
Saturday, April 17, 2010
I'm referring to absentee bloggers. It's been almost a year since I've been on here. This is the same tune I sang sometime last year, when I said I wanted to come back to blogging full time. Well that didn't happen! So here I am looking to repent of my "sins".

What have I been up to? A lot, I'll say. But the most important development is that I will be graduating next month!! Woohoo!! I'm excited, but not too much knowing that I'll only be free for a couple of months before I get back into school again. I refuse to refer to myself as a professional student, but it's starting to look like it. Not that I'm complaining. Besides, aren't we all perpetual students of life?? I know I am. Life has taught me many lessons and as I grow older I've become increasingly aware of the many complications that life WILL bring. But with God, all things are possible.

I haven't been in a relationship since September of '08. *gasp* Yea! To say i'm loving every minute, day, month, and year of it would be an understatement. *another gasp* I have to agree with the people who say being single is not a sin; and I can totally relate with those who say they "found" themselves during this period. Whatever that means to you! Even though I've been on dates...emphasis on the plural form, lol! But that's all they've been. Dates. Meeting people, and getting to know them better. Mehn, there are plenty fishes in the ocean oh! And I refuse to catch the first one I see. With God on my side, the right one would swim my way.

I soo badly want to take on the topic of friendship, but I will have to gather my thoughts on that. Quick thing though...I truly believe that friendship is a beautiful thing, and I assume anyone reading this understands that some friendships are just toxic in every sense of the word. I have experienced both the toxic and healthy relationships and will probably talk about them soon.

So let's recap. I'm graduating in May...taking my board exam, finding a job and getting right back in school hopefully by Spring of 2011. Right now, I'm off to make breakfast for my mom and I. And get right into my weekend errands. Life is good!
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Tuesday, July 07, 2009
I just read this
article, and i just shook my head. Now more than ever, I've become increasingly aware of the sad state of my country Nigeria. I'm not a cynical person, so i realize quite a lot of changes have occurred in recent years. However, stories like this make me wonder when we will ever get it right.

Anyways, moving on! Mehn, i never thought i would be one of those people who were so busy, they could hardly find time to breath. I currently hold two jobs and going to school full time. Na who send me go school?? Times like this, i wish my father were a pot-bellied minister who loots money to be able to send me to the best schools, with no contribution from me at all.

Oh, who am i kidding?? I like my life just the way it is. I like the feeling of paying my way to school, almost debt-free. I like my contribution to the society, albeit minute at this current time. It's a thing of pride for me and i wouldn't have it any other way!

I crave Tres Leches cake so bad...but i've decided to lay off the calories. If anyone of you care to read back to my old posts, you will read there that i once tipped the scale at about 109lbs, it was a really bad weight for my height and health in general. So i went on a rampage to gain back my weight...and right now i weigh...130lbs!!!!!! Seriously! Contact me for details, lol.
So now i'm done, and i have to maintain ths weight and ay off the darn calories! But they be calling me @ random times's ridiculous.
Here's to healthy eating.

Have a lovely week people.
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Monday, July 06, 2009
This song will go down as one of my most favorite songs!!! I feel a sense of calm each and every time i listen to it. I hope it blesses someone...enjoy.

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Friday, July 03, 2009
I just might be suffering from this disease. I've been obsessing over my chest pain, and thinking up every scenario possible. And overnight today, i felt my arm ache and i immediately thought...Angina??
Mehn, being in the health profession is not good oh! And i'm taking a class about diseases and stuff, which makes it worse. But the power of my God is bigger than all this fears..I'm sure it's nothing. It's could just be my posture (i have a bad one, i think), or it could be stress. Either way, by His stripes i am healed!!

Meanwhile, i think i need to get back to blogging. I miss it somewhat. Many are days i want to talk about something bugging me, to get therapy of some sort, but i never get the motivation to do so.
Well, here's to motivation! We'll see how it goes.
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I Wasn't Tagged!!!
Thursday, April 09, 2009
Seeing as i'm not popular in blogville...i wasn't tagged, but i don't have anything to write about, so i tag myself darn it!!

*Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
*They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
*You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.
* Dont google ur answers.
*Make it as interesting and fun as you can.


1. What is your name: J

2. A four Letter Word: Jump

3. A boy's Name: Jack

4. A girl's Name: Jill

5. An occupation: Janitor

6. A color: Jungle Green

7. Something you'll wear: Jacket

9. A food: Jalapeno

10. Something found in the bathroom: Jar of hair lotion

11. A place: Johannesburg

12. A reason for being late: J

13. Something you'd shout: Just do it!!

14. A movie title: Jurassic Park

15. Something you drink: Juice

16. A musical group: Jive Turkey

17. An animal: Jackal

18. A street name: Jetson Drive

19. A type of car: Jaguar

20. The title of a song: Just a Dream-Carrie Underwood
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I Will Do Better
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
I swear i will be better at this blogging thing!!!
I currently have over a dozen drafts in my blogger account, notes i wanted to post but never did for one reason or the other. The major reason i'm going to finish this particular post is because i'm rnning away from writing a 5 page assignment due tommorow.
So i went through those drafts and i realise i'm gone through major phases in the past 3 years. I started this blog in October of 2005, after migrating from Xanga. Xanga was my first introduction into the world of blogging and it was there i found my old childhood friend. But then, when everyone started to move from there to Blogspot, i followed suit.

Here i am, a little over 3 yrs later, and i only have a handful of posts.So yes, i suck at bogging. It didn't help that all the people i met on here started to leave...on to better things i suppose. Anyways enough of me reporting myself...i hope to meet new people on here.

Since i'm trying to take baby steps, i will start this off with 20 random things about me.

1. I'm a nerd. No, seriously...i took one of those online tests and i got 85%.
2. I'm a self professed loner. I don't like crowds and do better in small groups of people. Even at that, i ALWAYS leave the group for a period of time to get my alone tim.
3. I've been wearing glasses since i was 8 yrs old. I only abandoned them for contacts 5yrs ago. But i still wear them on occasion.
4. I can't stand rude people.
5. I read a lot. A lot.
6. I once tipped the scale at 109lbs. I was terribly skinny and i was not even trying to be.
7. My pastor's wife noticed this and told me i needed to gain some weight. I did and i now weigh 128lbs.
8. My weight loss was man-related. I was going through major stress in my relationship...i had no peace, so i didn't sleep well.
9. I have overcome all that now and i'm in a VERY happy place. I have vowed to take back the 21/2yrs of my life i wasted on those guys.
10. I admit to be a closet razz babe. But only certain people can bring it out of me.
11. I'm not a tomboy, but i've never used artificial nails, i purchased one MAC powder 3yrs ago and never used it mom took it from me. I don't too much like shopping either. However, i do use eye shadow, lipgloss AND MASCARA.
12. I have only used the Palm Treo phone in my entire phone ownership history...well except the time i got the dreadful T-Mobile Dash.
13. I have a good clue about what i want in a man, and what i will ABSOLUTELY not stand for. The latter point includes, a controlling man and a cheat. I will flee at any appearance of such character traits.
14. I love James Patterson's books...i have read ALL of them.
15. I really believe in the saying...Be the change you want to see in the world.
16. I don't necessarily cringe at the word Submission as applied to Marriage. I think it will be easy to submit to a man who loves me as Christ loved the Church. Unconditionally. However, i abhor the fact that a guy would want me to submit to him, when we are not even engaged/married. Na beans??
17. I fear that i will not acheive all that God has called me to be. I fear that i will fail. But then i remember that fear is only
False Evidence Appearing Real and i renew my mind.
18. I love music. I have a soundtrack for everything that happens to me.
19. I really should start thinking about that 5-page paper due tommorow, no??
20. Ok, off i go!!!

So i know i cheated with the last 2, but hey...who knows if anyone will read this i care not.
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Monday, December 22, 2008
So I get off work and the little sister wanted to watch a movie and I said sure, yea, why not...
She was shell shocked!! Why you ask? Well because I hardly ever say yes to anything.
I'm the epitome of boring. I cannot muster enough energy to go shopping endlessly like normal people, (just need to go in and get what I want) I am less interested in sitting down in a large, dark theater with 'noise' that I can't control and frankly I'm not a big fan of people, period. So you won't see me at any gathering that has over 30 people in attendance, well except church. And get this, I work in the technical department in my I sit away from the congregation upstairs...go figure.
So I said yes to the movies, and she was elated and dropped the idea of going to the mall with our other mother sister. After dressing up in what seemed like a hundred layers of clothing to guard against the cold weather, we were on our way.

Well would you know, she wanted to see Yes Man, the new movie by Jim Carrey and the whole premise of the movie is according to Yahoo! Movies “A man signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say yes to everything... and anything.” At some point during the movies, I thought to myself, did this girl choose this movie to send me an indirect message? Because his story sounded much like mine except I’m female and I have never been married or divorced and I use Netflix not Blockbuster unlike Carl the main character in the movie.

Oh by the way, Netflix is the best thing that has ever happened to me since sliced bread. Nah, sliced bread is not the ish anymore. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me since I discovered I would no longer have to pay late fees! While watching the movie, I could totally relate to Carl not wanting to do anything else besides, return from work, rent some movies and sit in front of the tube to watch them. Except I’m watching my movies online and I make endless trips to the refrigerator to see what’s new, like I actually put stuff in there.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that when school is in session, me social life is zapped and when it’s over, I don’t have the time nor energy/patience to get is back or it’s just that simply said, I a boring person. I’m not complaining, just wondering. A few people that I know repeatedly mention that they have to do something to spice me up, like I’m some kind of bland delicacy. But really though, If I were a dish…I would be the one that stays on the eaters plate with one little scoop taken out of it and is then pushed to the side. No taste, no pizzazz, just there…

Anyhow, Carl in the movie decided to say yes to everything after he attended a seminar and without giving any spoilers, he ended up giving a homeless guy a ride to a deserted park, dated a Persian woman he found online and did the nookie with a VERY elderly woman, among other things.
I don’t see myself doing anything remotely crazy like he did, but I do intend to live a little. The world is too big to limit myself to doing the same ol’ routine month in month out until a whole year has passed by and I haven’t lived much or given much. So in the new year I promise to take small steps to live life and live it well.

I do know that I am very grateful for having life at all, because some people would want the opportunity to do the things that I’m currently taking for granted. So for that, I thank my Father in heaven and I wish you all a happy holiday! May the New Year usher in new levels of blessings, strength to overcome our inevitable challenges and wisdom to live right.
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I Believe in God
Monday, December 01, 2008
So I've been away from blogville for a while now, and what better time to come back than a day dedicated to telling others why i believe in God.

For the past 2yrs now, i think God has decided to take me on a journey. I've been prompted to write a post periodically to write exactly how i was feeling and about my various experiences but i never find the right words and i don't even think i ever will.

I believe in God because there is no one like Him
Like the p-square song, i have gone to many places and met many people but I'm yet to find anyone like Him.
I believe God because if not for Him, i would not be at this particular place in my life.
He has sheltered me from the many storms i've been through and shows me indescribable favor. I tell people I'm a child of Favor, but i think they understand the half of it.
I believe in God because he gives me senseless peace.
He is an ever loving God, whom amidst all of my shortcomings, loves me like without fail.
I believe in God because his greatness is manifested in every area of my life.
When i think about His goodness, i just feel small and everything i might have been fretting over becomes trivial.
He is indeed the Lion of Judah. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
And at this point no one can tell me any different about his sovereignty.

Have a blessed week everyone who reads this!

Meanwhile, blogville has changed a whole lot from how i left it. Very interesting characters on here now, lol.

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In a state
Wednesday, August 22, 2007
I'm in a state.
It's a scary one. Unexplainable.
Neither here nor there. But definitely somewhere.
Somewhere between lost and confused.
Between highs and lows.
Between yes or no.
Between success and failure.
I must get out of it.
I've done well so far to have control of my self. I will not give up.

So i thought maybe if i don't think about it, this thing will pass. But more and more, it's creeping up in my head..pointing out that i'm really am different. As much as i pass myself off as normal...i really am not. I'm so different and this facade must stop. If only things were different from the beginning eh? If only they had done the right things and not left me to the vultures. Then maybe, just maybe i would have turned out different?
Blame. Portioning blame is not my thing. And to do that to them is even betrayal. So i will just make do with what i've been handed.
Purpose. What's mine? What's yours? How do we know we've found it?

I'm in a state.
It's a giddy one. Unexplainable.
It's neither here nor there. But it's definitely somewhere.
Somewhere between love and hate.
Between highs and lows.
Between fear and courage.
Between experience and naivety.
I don't know if i want to get out of it though.
I've done fairly well in handling such issues. I will however try a different method.
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Of nothingness
Monday, August 20, 2007
Fluttery hearts, random thoughts, incessant smiles. I don't quite understand but it feels like i've been here before. But not in the same way. It feels better, purer, slow-paced, teasing. I'm not sure i'm ready for it though. What if? What if? Then what? But i seriously don't care. Take the's worth it.
30mins, 1hr, 1hr47mins, 3hrs!!! Everything and nothing. Promises that are fufilled. Kai! Wetin i go do??? I will take my time, it's not to be rushed. No rushing...just enjoy!

I saw Diary of a Mad Black Woman for the 30th time yesterday and it is indeed in the top 5 of my all time favorite movies! I have the soundtrack to it also and i think i overdosed on it already!

I have forgotten about him. I can now go a full week without so much as a single thought or random message there. I'm getting there. Slowly but surely he'll become just faint memory in my head. Ain't it life goes around.
I spent most of my weekend rolling dough, baking, cooking and other things. On sunday morning i woke up and my arms and feet were sore. BUT i got paid for it so i guess that's some compensation!

A very young couple in their early teens were fighting in my apartment complex yesterday. He threw out her things and they engaged in a shouting match out in the open. I quickly wondered about their parents. How come these kids were renting an apartment and living together in the first place and why air out your very dirty laundry in the public like that? Their age is one explanation but even grown adults do the same thing. After about 40mins, some adults did show up, i figured the girl's mom with her boyfriend, but she did nothing to help matters, rather she aggravated it by shouting and cursing trying to push away the boy who was blocking the door to the house. I stopped watchng them at this point 1. because i was deeply embarassed by the whole situation 2. because my rice was about to start burning!!!
By the time i went back to the window the cop had arrived and apparently led the girl away. I wonder what happened there.

So i guess i found my fashion obsession; shoes. I love shoes. I dream about them. I have them in most colors and i'm still building my collection. Found a pair of heavenly burgundy pumps last week but i didn't purchase because....i don't know why! But i've been dreaming of them and will go back to buy it so they can stop haunting me in my dreams. I'm looking for purple suede shoes now!

I'm craving some Tres Leches cake right now!!!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
This is supposed to be a tag for 10 attributes of a perfect lover but i'm too exhausted tag anyone. This is a draft i just pulled up.

1. Intelligent- It ranks high on my list not because I’m a stuck up, assume-to-know-it-all lady, but because it does something to me when I find a guy that doesn't have to go around announcing that he's the smartest but the very essence of him is the fact that he has interest in a wide scope of issues and can articulate them when needed and shut up when REQUIRED!

2. Trustworthy- If I decide to love someone with all my heart, I have to know that there will not be any reason to doubt them. I don't want him to tell me goodmorning and i stillhave to go check outside if it really is the morning! Once the element of distrust is added to the already complex situation of a relationship, doom is ahead and it will take all the strength that we both have to gain back trust.

3. Ambitious: I would consider myself to be a very ambitious one. Even though it’s taking donkey years to get everything together, that is only the beauty of it because I know not where my drive will take me. I want to see the same attribute in my partner. To be able to indulge in various things, strive to be the best and nothing mediocre. Not to settle for less and reach for those tall skies. Sounds too serious, but who are you to say it can’t be?

4. Affectionate- I’ve recently found out that I’m a very sensitive and sometimes insecure individual. With that in mind, I would want a partner that understands this and tries as much as possible, not to exploit this but be in tune with my moods and the overall complexity that is me. I ask for this because I’m capable of doing the same for him.

5. Funny- I like a good laugh. I want someone who is able to see the humor in most situations. Be able to crack jokes not necessarily raw and vulgar, but good clean jokes that bring out uproars of laughter.

6. Well-groomed: As much as I’ll like to deny it, I love me a good looking man. If I spend as much time as I do grooming myself to look good for me and you, why can’t you spend some time doing the same for us. Well dressed, good smelling (high priority) and overall cleanliness appeals to my inner senses.

7. Spiritual: I refrain from using the word religious. Spirituality stemming from the soul is what I’m all about. I believe in God and the great things he does for mankind. I know I have a guide in him…when things become weary I can look to him and he will give me the strength to go on. However, all this being said I think many people have taken this concept and butchered it. Many people take the concept of God, religion and Christianity and committed great atrocities namely stupidity. They lost the ability to think rationally and intelligently, leaving everything to God. Wake up people! You are an individual with a unique sense of sense and enormous ability to think from your heart and do what you deem right. Don’t follow the herd and just do routine worship simply because you were brought up that way. (Gosh I knew I was going to go off on a tangent with this one) You have a soul, nourish it and create for yourself a inner peace and you will see the true beauty in God. Any guy that happens to think in the same lines as me is fine with me.

8. Open-minded: As I’mexperiencing life,I realize I’m very open minded about a lot of things but still hold on to some conventional ideas. I would love my guy to be the almost if not exactly the same way as me. Where we are both able to broaden our horizon and explore life in its beauty and ugliness, and give up archaic ideas that do nothing but stunt our personal growth.

9. Private: I’m not saying you should be closed up and guarded, I’m just saying that, be open, but not too open where you lose your sense of self and don’t even have any thoughts to call your own. Understanding that, I would expect you to respect that about me too.

10. Vulnerable: I want to know that my partner needs me as much as I need them. That they can be anything and everything they want around me and not holdback any emotions. That is a characteristic I desire the most in my man, knowing that i can be all these things with him too.

* I think i still feel this way with most of my replies. I also understand that human beings cannot attain perfection so this is just some of the qualities i would like in my lover! As soon as i find him,lol. *
I'm finally getting to read 26a by Diana Evans..took me that long unh!
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Monday, August 13, 2007
Can all these old men stop calling me sweetheart??? Seriously. It's bad enough that i have to make mundane conversations even though i'm taking your money, but refrain from calling me 'sweetheart', 'sweetie', 'pretty', 'lovely', 'african queen'!!! As in are you serious? I can only take such compliments from fine looking eligible men not old, semi-old, married men! The same hand that houses their wedding bands is the same one that writes down their phone number for me to call them. NO SHAME!!!
Funny one that happened last tuesday. He said and i quote "so when are you coming to see me?" I asked him for what and then he replied in the lines of ...oh just see and talk you know, it nothing sexual that you're thinking just talk as friends. I'm a married man with children as old as you so i don't want anything from you i just like the way you carry yourself and think you're a nice girl" BLAH, BLAH. Save me!!! I politely told him i just don't see what we have to talk about and that i don't know him like that and dont even have the time to just talk. I swear these men exhaust me! And i get this on almost a daily basis. Even my fake wedding ring does not put them off!!!

Meanwhile, i have an owambe party to attend at the end of Sept. and i'm seriously looking for styles to sew. I need to sew a banging dress with my Ankara..i'm just lost for inspiration. Looked through naija fashion magazines and didn't find any...HELP! It's my first one so i'm mucho excited about it. Apparently my aunt whose birthday it is got some tabloid magazine to cover the event. *DEAD* My friend is supposed to draw a sketch for me but she hasn't delivered. I have threatened her and hope it works!

Tact. Some people lack it. And she does. That's what prompted the way he acted towards her. You don't joke with one's life experience after hearing the painful details. It's high school kids who do that and they get reprimanded for it which you did and i felt bad for you. He later came to apologise to me for being so rude in my presence but gave valid excuse. I saw reason with him too. Maybe because i have a crush on him but do a good job of hiding it? lol. If only these grown women know how to attract a man. No book will tell you and no friend will either. It has to be in you. And you don't have it.
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In the Zone
Thursday, August 09, 2007
It's good to be me! For no particular reason i just feel happy! I'm not where i want to be, i still have some major roadblocks but i'm so freaking happy i think i might have sniffed the happy gas or something!!

I got stood up today. Well not really...he had asked for us to go see a movie and i said i'll let him know and i did...5hrs in advance. Wh y then did i call and text and received no reply. I can just put $10 on it that i will hear a sob story of how he got into some issue or another. I can just see the lies falling out of his mouth. It has happened several times but now it's not going to have the same effect as it did on me before. I'M FREE!!!


My love for Eba is very intense..i'm pretty sure we dated in my past life. I can sooo eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Which i've almost done..almost because i sometimes only have 2 meals in a day and that is what i eat.

Also i have undying love for Dodo. I love me some Jollof rice too and you can sell me with bread& beans or beans and garri!!!
I guess that means i like food?
Yes, i do. Living in the western world has exposed me to several kinds of food and i do have my favorites too.
Lasagna does it for me anyday!!!
Well cooked baby back ribs dripping in honey barbeque sauce? To die for!!
Chinese rice from Express Wok? Delicioso!
I do have several other but i'll spare you from the rest. (Pls do not salivate on your keyboard)

So i carried myself to the movies today to see Bourne Ultimatum. It was the bomb diggity!! Nice movie. I will soo get the trilogy when this last one gets out on DVD. Matt Damon as Jason Bourne exudes sexiness. When he was shown kissing his girlfriend, i could almost imagine it was me. Yes unhealthy but i can't help it. I felt his pain from every accident scene. Freaking awesome!
I went there by myself which leads to the question. I can understand the need for friends to chat with, crack jokes, share thoughts and problems but is it really necessary to have a clique? You know how it's said that females should have different kinds of friends?
The type to party hop with...
The type to gossip with...
The type to share your relationship problems with...
The type to moan/ ask for advice about your career to...
The type to go shopping with...
The type to....and the list goes on.

I find that terribly exhausting. I've alwas been a loner. I'm a social person, in that i blend into most social settings i find myself but frankly most times i prefer to fly solo. I seriously don't like to go shopping with anyone! And the others things that people need support for i find myself doing independently. I tend to gravitate towards the guys in the little groups that i sometimes find myself in. It's not even about the supposed catty/petty feminine traits. I just blend in with the guys more. When i tell people i'm anti-social they think i'm some degree i'm not but seriously i get bored easily with too many people around. I'm an home body and would prefer to be in the house with my honey (whoever he is )enjoying the peace. Or if Mr. doesn't exist, then it'll be me overdosing on episodes of Law and Order. Stabler and Benson have solved enough cases to last me a lifetime, lol!!!

What i have noticed however is that because of my flow with the guys, the ones i get along with reallly well always end up hinting at a relationship. And that is likewise exhausting. I can't possibly date everyone that thinks i'm the bestthing that's ever happened to them! They think just because i'm a wonderful conversationalist (so they say) i would want something to do with them And to be fair most of them are eligible but the stress is too much . So after multiple hints and i still don't budge they let it be and just enjoy my friendship.

Meanwhile sleep is calling me and i still have to read some pages of the Marrying the Mistress. I've been soooo lazy with reading nowadays, i'm ashamed of myself!!!
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