Wednesday, August 15, 2007
This is supposed to be a tag for 10 attributes of a perfect lover but i'm too exhausted tag anyone. This is a draft i just pulled up.

1. Intelligent- It ranks high on my list not because I’m a stuck up, assume-to-know-it-all lady, but because it does something to me when I find a guy that doesn't have to go around announcing that he's the smartest but the very essence of him is the fact that he has interest in a wide scope of issues and can articulate them when needed and shut up when REQUIRED!

2. Trustworthy- If I decide to love someone with all my heart, I have to know that there will not be any reason to doubt them. I don't want him to tell me goodmorning and i stillhave to go check outside if it really is the morning! Once the element of distrust is added to the already complex situation of a relationship, doom is ahead and it will take all the strength that we both have to gain back trust.

3. Ambitious: I would consider myself to be a very ambitious one. Even though it’s taking donkey years to get everything together, that is only the beauty of it because I know not where my drive will take me. I want to see the same attribute in my partner. To be able to indulge in various things, strive to be the best and nothing mediocre. Not to settle for less and reach for those tall skies. Sounds too serious, but who are you to say it can’t be?

4. Affectionate- I’ve recently found out that I’m a very sensitive and sometimes insecure individual. With that in mind, I would want a partner that understands this and tries as much as possible, not to exploit this but be in tune with my moods and the overall complexity that is me. I ask for this because I’m capable of doing the same for him.

5. Funny- I like a good laugh. I want someone who is able to see the humor in most situations. Be able to crack jokes not necessarily raw and vulgar, but good clean jokes that bring out uproars of laughter.

6. Well-groomed: As much as I’ll like to deny it, I love me a good looking man. If I spend as much time as I do grooming myself to look good for me and you, why can’t you spend some time doing the same for us. Well dressed, good smelling (high priority) and overall cleanliness appeals to my inner senses.

7. Spiritual: I refrain from using the word religious. Spirituality stemming from the soul is what I’m all about. I believe in God and the great things he does for mankind. I know I have a guide in him…when things become weary I can look to him and he will give me the strength to go on. However, all this being said I think many people have taken this concept and butchered it. Many people take the concept of God, religion and Christianity and committed great atrocities namely stupidity. They lost the ability to think rationally and intelligently, leaving everything to God. Wake up people! You are an individual with a unique sense of sense and enormous ability to think from your heart and do what you deem right. Don’t follow the herd and just do routine worship simply because you were brought up that way. (Gosh I knew I was going to go off on a tangent with this one) You have a soul, nourish it and create for yourself a inner peace and you will see the true beauty in God. Any guy that happens to think in the same lines as me is fine with me.

8. Open-minded: As I’mexperiencing life,I realize I’m very open minded about a lot of things but still hold on to some conventional ideas. I would love my guy to be the almost if not exactly the same way as me. Where we are both able to broaden our horizon and explore life in its beauty and ugliness, and give up archaic ideas that do nothing but stunt our personal growth.

9. Private: I’m not saying you should be closed up and guarded, I’m just saying that, be open, but not too open where you lose your sense of self and don’t even have any thoughts to call your own. Understanding that, I would expect you to respect that about me too.

10. Vulnerable: I want to know that my partner needs me as much as I need them. That they can be anything and everything they want around me and not holdback any emotions. That is a characteristic I desire the most in my man, knowing that i can be all these things with him too.

* I think i still feel this way with most of my replies. I also understand that human beings cannot attain perfection so this is just some of the qualities i would like in my lover! As soon as i find him,lol. *
I'm finally getting to read 26a by Diana Evans..took me that long unh!
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