Monday, August 13, 2007
Can all these old men stop calling me sweetheart??? Seriously. It's bad enough that i have to make mundane conversations even though i'm taking your money, but refrain from calling me 'sweetheart', 'sweetie', 'pretty', 'lovely', 'african queen'!!! As in are you serious? I can only take such compliments from fine looking eligible men not old, semi-old, married men! The same hand that houses their wedding bands is the same one that writes down their phone number for me to call them. NO SHAME!!!
Funny one that happened last tuesday. He said and i quote "so when are you coming to see me?" I asked him for what and then he replied in the lines of ...oh just see and talk you know, it nothing sexual that you're thinking just talk as friends. I'm a married man with children as old as you so i don't want anything from you i just like the way you carry yourself and think you're a nice girl" BLAH, BLAH. Save me!!! I politely told him i just don't see what we have to talk about and that i don't know him like that and dont even have the time to just talk. I swear these men exhaust me! And i get this on almost a daily basis. Even my fake wedding ring does not put them off!!!

Meanwhile, i have an owambe party to attend at the end of Sept. and i'm seriously looking for styles to sew. I need to sew a banging dress with my Ankara..i'm just lost for inspiration. Looked through naija fashion magazines and didn't find any...HELP! It's my first one so i'm mucho excited about it. Apparently my aunt whose birthday it is got some tabloid magazine to cover the event. *DEAD* My friend is supposed to draw a sketch for me but she hasn't delivered. I have threatened her and hope it works!

Tact. Some people lack it. And she does. That's what prompted the way he acted towards her. You don't joke with one's life experience after hearing the painful details. It's high school kids who do that and they get reprimanded for it which you did and i felt bad for you. He later came to apologise to me for being so rude in my presence but gave valid excuse. I saw reason with him too. Maybe because i have a crush on him but do a good job of hiding it? lol. If only these grown women know how to attract a man. No book will tell you and no friend will either. It has to be in you. And you don't have it.
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  • At 6:11 AM, August 14, 2007, Blogger Ugo Daniels said…

    Haha, very funny..You and 'your' old men (pun) I think you have to put up with whatever they call you IF you're getting favours from them, IF NOT, then stamp ya foot down and...

    Why don't you ask Linda at, i believe she'll have some nice styles for you for da ankara stuff.


  • At 9:14 PM, August 14, 2007, Blogger JJ said…

    @!! I hear you just irks me sometimes mehn! Will check out Linda's blog and see what i can get...thanks!

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