I Will Do Better
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
I swear i will be better at this blogging thing!!!
I currently have over a dozen drafts in my blogger account, notes i wanted to post but never did for one reason or the other. The major reason i'm going to finish this particular post is because i'm rnning away from writing a 5 page assignment due tommorow.
So i went through those drafts and i realise i'm gone through major phases in the past 3 years. I started this blog in October of 2005, after migrating from Xanga. Xanga was my first introduction into the world of blogging and it was there i found my old childhood friend. But then, when everyone started to move from there to Blogspot, i followed suit.

Here i am, a little over 3 yrs later, and i only have a handful of posts.So yes, i suck at bogging. It didn't help that all the people i met on here started to leave...on to better things i suppose. Anyways enough of me reporting myself...i hope to meet new people on here.

Since i'm trying to take baby steps, i will start this off with 20 random things about me.

1. I'm a nerd. No, seriously...i took one of those online tests and i got 85%.
2. I'm a self professed loner. I don't like crowds and do better in small groups of people. Even at that, i ALWAYS leave the group for a period of time to get my alone tim.
3. I've been wearing glasses since i was 8 yrs old. I only abandoned them for contacts 5yrs ago. But i still wear them on occasion.
4. I can't stand rude people.
5. I read a lot. A lot.
6. I once tipped the scale at 109lbs. I was terribly skinny and i was not even trying to be.
7. My pastor's wife noticed this and told me i needed to gain some weight. I did and i now weigh 128lbs.
8. My weight loss was man-related. I was going through major stress in my relationship...i had no peace, so i didn't sleep well.
9. I have overcome all that now and i'm in a VERY happy place. I have vowed to take back the 21/2yrs of my life i wasted on those guys.
10. I admit to be a closet razz babe. But only certain people can bring it out of me.
11. I'm not a tomboy, but i've never used artificial nails, i purchased one MAC powder 3yrs ago and never used it mom took it from me. I don't too much like shopping either. However, i do use eye shadow, lipgloss AND MASCARA.
12. I have only used the Palm Treo phone in my entire phone ownership history...well except the time i got the dreadful T-Mobile Dash.
13. I have a good clue about what i want in a man, and what i will ABSOLUTELY not stand for. The latter point includes, a controlling man and a cheat. I will flee at any appearance of such character traits.
14. I love James Patterson's books...i have read ALL of them.
15. I really believe in the saying...Be the change you want to see in the world.
16. I don't necessarily cringe at the word Submission as applied to Marriage. I think it will be easy to submit to a man who loves me as Christ loved the Church. Unconditionally. However, i abhor the fact that a guy would want me to submit to him, when we are not even engaged/married. Na beans??
17. I fear that i will not acheive all that God has called me to be. I fear that i will fail. But then i remember that fear is only
False Evidence Appearing Real and i renew my mind.
18. I love music. I have a soundtrack for everything that happens to me.
19. I really should start thinking about that 5-page paper due tommorow, no??
20. Ok, off i go!!!

So i know i cheated with the last 2, but hey...who knows if anyone will read this i care not.
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