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Monday, August 20, 2007
Fluttery hearts, random thoughts, incessant smiles. I don't quite understand but it feels like i've been here before. But not in the same way. It feels better, purer, slow-paced, teasing. I'm not sure i'm ready for it though. What if? What if? Then what? But i seriously don't care. Take the's worth it.
30mins, 1hr, 1hr47mins, 3hrs!!! Everything and nothing. Promises that are fufilled. Kai! Wetin i go do??? I will take my time, it's not to be rushed. No rushing...just enjoy!

I saw Diary of a Mad Black Woman for the 30th time yesterday and it is indeed in the top 5 of my all time favorite movies! I have the soundtrack to it also and i think i overdosed on it already!

I have forgotten about him. I can now go a full week without so much as a single thought or random message there. I'm getting there. Slowly but surely he'll become just faint memory in my head. Ain't it life goes around.
I spent most of my weekend rolling dough, baking, cooking and other things. On sunday morning i woke up and my arms and feet were sore. BUT i got paid for it so i guess that's some compensation!

A very young couple in their early teens were fighting in my apartment complex yesterday. He threw out her things and they engaged in a shouting match out in the open. I quickly wondered about their parents. How come these kids were renting an apartment and living together in the first place and why air out your very dirty laundry in the public like that? Their age is one explanation but even grown adults do the same thing. After about 40mins, some adults did show up, i figured the girl's mom with her boyfriend, but she did nothing to help matters, rather she aggravated it by shouting and cursing trying to push away the boy who was blocking the door to the house. I stopped watchng them at this point 1. because i was deeply embarassed by the whole situation 2. because my rice was about to start burning!!!
By the time i went back to the window the cop had arrived and apparently led the girl away. I wonder what happened there.

So i guess i found my fashion obsession; shoes. I love shoes. I dream about them. I have them in most colors and i'm still building my collection. Found a pair of heavenly burgundy pumps last week but i didn't purchase because....i don't know why! But i've been dreaming of them and will go back to buy it so they can stop haunting me in my dreams. I'm looking for purple suede shoes now!

I'm craving some Tres Leches cake right now!!!
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  • At 12:17 AM, August 22, 2007, Blogger Kafo said…

    i sometimes dream of tops i don't buy.

    it's like the moment i get home i wish i had bought them and for the next week all i can think of is how they would match with some skirt i had

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