In a state
Wednesday, August 22, 2007
I'm in a state.
It's a scary one. Unexplainable.
Neither here nor there. But definitely somewhere.
Somewhere between lost and confused.
Between highs and lows.
Between yes or no.
Between success and failure.
I must get out of it.
I've done well so far to have control of my self. I will not give up.

So i thought maybe if i don't think about it, this thing will pass. But more and more, it's creeping up in my head..pointing out that i'm really am different. As much as i pass myself off as normal...i really am not. I'm so different and this facade must stop. If only things were different from the beginning eh? If only they had done the right things and not left me to the vultures. Then maybe, just maybe i would have turned out different?
Blame. Portioning blame is not my thing. And to do that to them is even betrayal. So i will just make do with what i've been handed.
Purpose. What's mine? What's yours? How do we know we've found it?

I'm in a state.
It's a giddy one. Unexplainable.
It's neither here nor there. But it's definitely somewhere.
Somewhere between love and hate.
Between highs and lows.
Between fear and courage.
Between experience and naivety.
I don't know if i want to get out of it though.
I've done fairly well in handling such issues. I will however try a different method.
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