Ruth, Aboko Ku
Monday, April 19, 2010
So for my naija people, some of you might know Zara the artist. She just came out with a new track called Aboko Ku. The literal translation for this is "one who dies with her husband". The inspiration for her song comes from the phrase Yoruba people say: "Ruth, Aboko Ku". Ruth was known to be a woman of devoted love in the bible and this is where they coined the phrase from. Generally speaking it is a positive term for a woman who is known to be devoted to her husband/boyfriend. However, on the flip side, it is used as a negative term for a woman who will not leave her husband/boyfriend even though he's treating her wrong. Now I understand "treating her wrong" is a relative term, since we all have a threshold for mistreatment.

This brings me to my question on this issue. Which kind of "aboko ku" will you be in your relationship?

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